July Blog

My second month as the Environmental Education Intern has come to an end. This month I was busy greeting people coming in. I’m assuming July is the busiest month on the Island since that is when families try to take a vacation. Many people came in this month which gave me a chance to share all of the information I have learned.

Some of the moths came out of their cocoons throughout this month. The moths we have only live a couple of days since they don’t have a digestive system to eat. For this reason, we keep them captive for a couple of days and then release them. We keep them captive to see if the second cocoon of its species comes how and is the opposite sex of the first so they can breed. Valerie and I released the Luna Moth which came out during the first week of July and the Polyphemus moth that came out the third week in July. The Calleta moth came out of its cocoon about a week ago.

We have also gotten Monarchs. We have a monarch caterpillar and a chrysalis right now. The weather in July started off cold, got really hot for a couple of days, and then cooled now a lot. I’m thinking this is why there aren’t as many monarchs as normal. Joe has found the 3 we have. He can usually find them on the Milkweed behind Bread & Water. I’ve also been helping the ministry intern, Choi, with her Korean food at night. It has been nice to have someone else in the house during 11-2 and at night. I’m looking forward to being back in Madison in September. I’ll miss the Island and the people I’ve met here.

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