Butterfly House

Butterfly House Washington Island, Wisconsin

Reflect  on transformation of caterpillars into butterfliesWatch  caterpillars grow in the Larvae Room

Walk  with butterflies and moths in the gardens.

Connect  with Wisconsin’s native insects.

Explore  interactive exhibits

Relax  and reflect in the sanctuary room

Prairie Nursery of Westfield, Wisconsin Donated 1,500 Wisconsin native prairie plants to be planted at The Butterfly House.  The plants include Bergamont, Sweet Black-Eyed Susan, Orange Coneflower, New England Aster, Marsh Phlox, Red Milkweed, Compass Plant, Joe Pye-weed, Lead Plant, Goldenrod, and a few others. www.prairienursery.com
Wings of Faith  Monday’s at 4:00 p.m.
Weekly, outdoor, ecumenical gathering for prayer, meditation, fellowship and song.
Location: 1349 Main Street
Hours:  11 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Memorial Day – Labor Day


[email protected]    and     www.facebook.com/IslandBFH

 Irene MostekIrene Mostek   Docents Daniel, Laila & Walter Laila and Daniel are the docents at the Butterfly House guiding visitors daily.

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August Blog

I’m finishing up my internship in the next couple of days and leaving the Island on Saturday. I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone and how busy I was between the internship and two jobs. I’ve really enjoyed my time on the Island and engaging the public with education about the environment, sustainability, and butterflies.

Over the summer I have learned a lot about butterflies and moths. I’m still intrigued that Monarchs migrate to the south and it takes one generation to get there but it takes three generations to get back up to Canada. I also find it interesting how the last generation lives up to 9 months while the other generations live 3-4 weeks. I love telling people about how the kinds of moths we have don’t eat anything because they don’t have digestive systems or mouth parts. Most people don’t know this fact so I know that I am teaching them something new.

I have enjoyed talking to people about environmental politics and sustainability since they are my main interest areas. I’ve had many conversations with people who have opinions similar to mine and I get excited to talk to them about what I’m thinking. One of these conversations was with Irene Mostek. Irene owns the house and she is very interested in sustainability and nature. Irene and a couple of other people who I’ve talked to tell me that they are glad that I chose the field I did and that there needs to be people like me in businesses and government. This just makes me more sure of my choice of being in the environmental field.

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